Daniel Morales Leon

Poeta Angelino y futuro estudiante de CSULA

"Pointless Cultural Mockery"

I'm from the metropolis where our habit is
To steady break blunts
As we search for the next hit of bomb cannabis

Yet these stagnant advantages leave us looking like decaying savages
We are the masses, abundant averages
Ignoring sacred bible passages that in the end lead us to nowhere

Lost Angels

Imploring a blasphemous Jesus to play fair,
Wanting the greater being to say that he'll care
All the while knowing that this fool might never be there

But never the less
This city is my CANTON,
My pad
My home

I have very little fear in these streets as I roam

I've grown to be one of the few who doesn't mind
Walking alone

When I walk thru this city I'm not blind to the invisible
Counter cultures constantly shown
A sanctuary for superficial drones

Just coz I look like I look
Doesn't mean I bang Holmes...

But that's what I get for having this beautiful dark tan
This is some painful minority shit
An outsider wouldn't want to understand

And through all of that I still won't let the city deviate my plans
I won't expect any pity as I create a better future
Using my brain and my two hands

I'm an able bodied beaner that can break down the bureaucracy,
Best believe I can properly quote Vasconcelos, Locke and even Socrates

My inferiority complex loves it when I choose big words
And use them properly

I'm like a linguist that loves to lecture on life
And liberate private property,
Bring an end to the confusion brought on by a
Society subconsciously sustained by
What seems like nothing more than
Pointless cultural mockery.

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

very talented. great work.

Mi-Ri Harris dijo...

Chino! Your favorite Mi-Ri is shoooo very happy for you! Felicidades brother! Love and success your way sir! Goodday!

Anónimo dijo...

When did you steal Chino's identity? :) Hehe...great work my friend. Keep writing, and stay up. I hope to see you in a slam one day.